Guru Nanak Crystal Sky

Guru Nanak Crystal Sky

Guru Nanak wasn't a religious guy and didn't set out to have followers. He was a rebel and a speaker of truth in a time and place when most people wouldn't dare. He brought a new sound current of peace and self realization on to the earth. Sikhs love him as the founder of their religion and the yogis call him the Guru for the Aquarian Age. 

This collage was created with the Mul Mantra which is a kind of transformational word pattern whose vibration brings a person to their destiny. It is the beginning part of Japji - a 40 part hyper-dimensional sacred poem that literally transforms the practitioner as they recite it. Japji is known as the 'Song of the Soul' and was first spoken by Guru Nanak after disappearing under a river for 3 days in 1507 AD.  So you can imagine, it is a very special sound current. And it is truly a current - a stream of energy- that one can merge with. I have experienced it's effects and my life has been truly blessed by this Sage and Saint, and the legacy he left on this earth for all humans. 

This collage is just a small offering and attempt to share some of the beauty I've received from this beloved being and energy field we call Guru Nanak. It's always a joy to share new work but it's a new level when the subject is so near to my heart.

xo Jamila

Guru Nanak Crystal Sky 

Digital collage by @jamilastarwater

Available as an Art Print - framed and unframed , as well as a notebook and card holder on 11:11

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