Imagery has Power

Guru Ram Das

Sometimes people ask me why we use sacred images of holy beings and texts in our art that gets touched by feet and our bodies. My answer is this :

Imagery has power. An image hits many layers of the mind and opens doorways to perceiving other dimensions of reality. An image can plant a seed to inspire us and awaken us.

Images of holy beings can open a space of devotion in the heart of the observer. One glance from the eyes of a enlightened being can transfer great streams of energy. Visual representations of this level of energy can stir a deep knowing in us.

Our art on the yoga mats and meditation pillows is a bit different format than art that hangs on the wall. Our bodies interact with the imagery. Our feet touch the art. Our feet are sacred just like the rest of us. We touch the feet of holy beings to connect to energy they carry. Our feet touch the earth which connects us to all living beings. Every part of ourselves is sacred, both physical and energetic. When we show up to our spiritual practice, we show up in our bodies to connect to something greater than ourselves - to connect to our true reality. May the imagery and art on our yoga mats and pillows serve to remind and uplift you to your highest knowing and union.

Thank you,


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