Are your yoga mats suitable for hatha yoga?

Our new microfiber top yoga mats are soft and a little slippery when dry but get grippy with sweat - or you can mist with water to instantly increase the grip. Our travel / hot yoga mats are also microfiber top we find them to be more grippy overall and definitely grippier with sweat also.  Yoga and meditation are personal journeys; everyone's practice is unique and has its own needs.  Please use these mats for your practice responsibly. Click here for our full disclaimer.

How do I care for my yoga mats ?


Great news!  Your travel mat is machine washable!  We recommend a gentle, cold water wash with a mild detergent.  Wash as often as is necessary, being mindful that the more you machine wash the mat, the faster it may break down.  The same 50/50 water and vinegar solution you use for your yoga mat works wonders as a disinfectant and cleaner for your travel mat. ** DO NOT put your travel mat in the dryer **  The heat from the dryer can cause the bond between the rubber and the microfiber layers to break down prematurely.  Lay your mat flat or on a line to dry.


We recommend spot cleaning with soap and water. Try not to leave your mat out in the sun for prolonged exposure as it can fade the printing.

What is the difference between the Traditional Stretched Canvas Prints and the Canvas Wrap prints?

These both are very high quality canvas prints and look nearly identical from the outside. On the back they do look different. The Traditional Stretched Canvas is made with a wood frame and the canvas wraps are stretched around a lightweight synthetic frame. We chose to offer both based on the particular sizing our manufacturing partners offer. 

Where do these designs come from ?

All our designs are created by myself, Jamila Starwater Tazewell with the intention to uplift the energy and create sacred spaces through art.  Read more about our story here.

Why is your brand named 11:11?

It's a good story. Here, read this.

What is your other brand named Starwater Yoga?

Starwater is my middle name! I also am inspired by the symbolism of merging heaven and earth via the starry waters.

How many cards can I fit in your cardholders?

About 10 regular business cards on each side, or about 2 credit cards on each side. These babies work well as slim “going out” wallets – just put a few bills, a credit card and your ID in and you're set!

What kinds of passports fit in your passport cases?

American and some EU passports, and any others that are the same size.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship world wide with a few exceptions. If you have questions please contact us.

What if I don't like it?

We have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. We want you to be happy and will make sure you are. Please see our Shipping and Returns page for more details.

Do you make custom stuff?

Yes we do! We make individual custom 11:11 pieces through our shop on For larger quantities we offer wholesale custom products - check out this page here for more details. We've done many custom jobs for all kinds of companies and individuals over the past 15 years, we'd love to help you create the perfect gift or product for resale.

Do you offer wholesale terms?

We're happy to offer wholesale pricing for stores wishing to carry our Starwater Yoga travel mats and all 11:11 items including our notebooks. Visit our Faire shop here.