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Sat Nam

I didn't originally set out to make a yoga mat company. I was humming along happily designing and running our accessories brand 11:11 (since 2003!) as well as deeply studying Kundalini Yoga with my teachers Harijiwan and Tej here in Los Angeles. 

For my birthday one year, my mom got me a gift certificate to a place that printed custom yoga mat designs. So I designed a yoga mat for myself. The process of designing the mat opened up something inside me. There was a devotion in my heart that was finally being expressed through my art. When I received the yoga mat in the mail, I gasped. It was beautiful. It also felt like my heart was laid bare on it, and the first time I took it to class I was actually embarassed. I remember that I covered it up right away with a blanket. 

I gradually started to take it to more classes and covered it up less. I got more and more compliments and supportive feedback. Others kept asking me if they could have one too. So I decided to make a collection of yoga mats. After selling through our stock multiple times, it finally dawned on me that this was a direction I was supposed to take seriously. And so here we are.

I have noticed that the best designs come from a spirit of devotion and an intention to create a sacred space with the design. I approach this with deep reverence to the all dharma artists who have come before me and walk beside me. We are creating worlds with our art. The art is a doorway in to higher consciousness. Just viewing dharma art, points the mind in a useful direction. 

My intention with these products is for you use them and be inspired in your daily practice. In your practice, for you to feel connected to the wisdom and power that is your true nature. And for you to keep coming back to your mat and your cushion, again and again. 

In deep gratitude,


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