Imagery and symbolism are tools for transformation - on all levels.

If we can take one random thing and appreciate its beauty, we unlock a whole other level of reality. 11:11 is about celebrating the mundane, and Starwater Yoga is about exalting the divine.

I began my business 11:11 by selling wallets on a NY sidewalk in 2003. I always wanted 11:11 enterprises to be a transformational force for good in the world. I never knew how that would actually work out but I always had lofty aspirations and just ran with it! As the years went on and my awareness expanded, I began to see my products as little emmissaries of inspiration. When you carry an 11:11 accessory , you carry a piece of my dream made real – a little victory you can hold in your hand. May they serve you well and remind you of the dreams you can make real, too. Read more about the name 11:11 here.

Starwater Yoga was born from a singular experience I had creating a yoga mat design for myself. I wanted to make a mat that expressed my devotion. My intention was that every symbol point my mind in to the direction of my soul. From then on a passion for creating designs using the potency of symbolism emerged. Our minds come prewired to decode the language of symbols. Starwater Yoga is about bringing this energy in to our consciousness practice so we can up level faster and with more ease.

Now is the time for the upward spiral. We are all torsion fields moving in a direction. Let's keep up together. May this art in your life and space always remind you of your infinite reality and victory here and now.

Jamila Starwater Tazewell



Jamila established her accessories brand 11:11 enterprises in Brooklyn, in 2003. Based on her love of colorful vintage imagery and collage art, she quickly grew the business from the grassroots. Jamila started by selling wallets on a folding table by the L train station in Williamsburg, and soon had her line in Urban Outfitters and stores across the country. 11:11 is still kicking, selling online here , Amazon and via fine retailers across the globe.

Starwater Yoga

Our mission is to create high frequency yoga tools to inspire and support your spiritual practice. Our intention is to create positive ripple effects on the individual and collective psyche through empowering art . The vision is to create a more peaceful and inspired world through the uplifting power of symbolism and beauty. 

Find Starwater Yoga here and in yoga studios and shops worldwide.

Jamila Starwater

When Jamila was born at home on a small island in the middle of the ocean in 1979, her parents gave her the name Jamila Starwater. Jamila means ‘beauty of God’ in Arabic, and Starwater comes from a Native American book called Seven Arrows. Starwater is the flow of creativity charged with the energy of the heavens. Names have a vibrational power to bring us along our destiny path. Once she began practicing Kundalini yoga her art took on a new dimension and the creative exploration and manifestation of this name is presented to you here. May this art inspire elevation and sovereignty on all levels.


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