Celebrating One Year + Travel Yoga Mats

jamila starwater

Sat Nam !

We are so grateful to be celebrating one year in business with Starwater Yoga this week! We've had a very educational time over the last 12 months, if you catch my drift. It's been wonderful though ~ life is beautiful and have many new plans in the works!

Number 1 being : Our new TRAVEL YOGA MATS are happening ! After SO many of you requesting these, we finally have these on their way. Sign up for our IndieGoGo  VIP list for first dibs on the pretty spectacular deals we will be rolling out starting October 8. Your grassroots support on this means THE WORLD.

Also, I know it's early but if you are starting to think about holiday shopping , but just wait till you see what's about to pop off on the IndieGoGo !! I'm so stoked to share with you some brand new products including Starwater Silks we will be introducing as 'Perks' ! We will also be offering some of our current products at pretty deep discounts .. so definitely go get on that list .. here!

Thank you friends.



PS. UPDATED! Our campaign is live !!! Check it out here!

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