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People ask me where the name 11:11 came from all the time. I usually just tell them its my favorite time, but there's more to it, way more.

I first started noticing 11:11 on the digital clock in college - my senior year. It was around that time that I was really starting to wake up out of the fun-but-insane party mentality I had been running my life with. I stopped drinking myself into the ground and started thinking about how amazing the human body is and how it should be absolutely revered. My awareness was expanding and I didn't know what that meant but it felt good. I remember seeing 11:11 on the clock over and over and feeling a sense of reassurance. I had never noticed that time before and it was unmistakable - the feeling that everything was ok in that minute.

This went on for years, and I thought it was just me. Then in 2003 I was working with a company in NYC who was going to produce a collection of very weird record bags I was designing. I was trying to decide on the name of the new brand. I was considering the name 11:11 and then they moved their offices to a space on the 11th floor on 11th St. I took it as another sign and the decision was made. The company and I eventually parted ways, but I kept the name and 11:11 Enterprises was officially born soon after. I remember going to city hall in Brooklyn on a very auspicious astrological day (May 4, 2004!) to register the name. It felt momentous and huge but I had no idea of the ride I was signing up for!

11:11 is a wink from the universe telling you that you're on the right track.
Just keep going, upward and onward.
Trust the process, trust your intuition, and follow your heart.

Its a good thing I chose this name because I have had to continually learn what it means to do these things. Its easy to write cliches about trusting your intuition but its another thing entirely to actually live this every day. I still catch it on the clock all the time and it seems that I see it most often when I really need to be supported. Its uncanny. And over the many years that I have been running a business with this name I have spoken with SO MANY PEOPLE that feel the way I do about this time. The power of 11:11 is universal. It's a message the capital You is sending to the lower case you - to WAKE UP! Not then and there, HERE AND NOW!

11:11 is about seizing the moment and riding the wave into your highest potential.
It is about the Victory of the Heart!
It is about Truth and Yes and Magic!


So that's my story. I'd love to hear yours. Find me on IG @jamilastarwater and tag me there. If you'd like to read more about the numerology of 11:11, this is a web page that I first saw in about 2005 and it about made me fall off my chair- it was so affirming. Food for thought... reality is sacred is all a hologram of conciousness. xoxo, Jamila

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