Summer Travel Time

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Would you like to win a Starwater Yoga Travel mat? Please follow, like and comment on our Instagram post here for a chance to win. We draw a winner on Saturday July 10 and will notify the winner via Instagram.

We are so grateful for all the extremely positive reviews on our website ! To everyone who has taken the time to let us know how much you love our Travel Mats and everything else- thank you !! If you love your Starwater Yoga item and it's enriched your life and practice in some way - please let us know. You can find the space to review under each item in our shop. Thank you again. Your word of mouth support means so much to us.

We are getting ready for some more  summer travel ( just got back from New Mexico, and Jamila is heading to Mallorca again for Rama Festival ) and to release our newest designs online later this month.

Thank you for being a part of our Starwater Family. We love you and look forward to sharing more inspiration and art soon.




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