Adi Shakti + Abundance

We're so thrilled to introduce our two new designs.

Starwater Yoga

ADI SHAKTI means 'Primal Power' and it's a name for the original mother creator energy of the universe. The Holy Virgin of Guadalupe represents this force here, and what she carries is timeless and transcends culture. The face of the Goddess may change through out time but the energy She represents flows through infinity.

Starwater Yoga

This energy is the real matrix of our entire reality and beyond. It is the endlessly original creative force, being born, living, dying and being born again. The energy never ends and one of the hallmarks of this fertility is abundance. Mother Nature gives and gives and then gives some more.

Visit our Adi Shakti - Divine Mother yoga mat here.

Starwater Yoga

Our ABUNDANCE design was created to guide the viewer and practitioner to their own exalted and abundant natural self. Created entirely from flower fields in full bloom, this hypnotic design is a transportation device in to a new realm.

Starwater Yoga

Visit our Abundance - Flower Fields yoga mat here.

It is our sincere intention that these mats- along with all that we offer here-  inspire and support you on your path. May your daily practice be the foundation for your continued awakening and fulfillment of your mission.
Sat Nam
Jamila Starwater Tazewell


incrivelmente lindo, Jamila!!!!!!
each new design proves the maturity of your art and purpose!
Let’s bring it to Brazil!

erlana castro (himat santokh) November 22, 2019

OMG I love the Adi Shakti art so much!!! Your matts are in my house as art. I hate to take them to yoga studios and mess them up. Although they wash up very well. When out of town my husband spilled honey all over my green matt and threw it in the trash. I was soooooooooo mad! Are you selling Adi Shakti yet?

Pamela Goldberg November 22, 2019

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