Spring Horizons

"We must trust that our honesty and courage will lead us not to despair, but to a new heaven and a new earth" Henri Nouwen
This was a quote I found recently written on a piece of paper and tucked in a box in my garage. I snapped a photo of it to remember and it felt like the perfect thing to share today, on the scorpio full "Flower Moon". I have been working on a lot of new things in preparation for a un-official "relaunch" of my brand and website. It's been a long journey to get to this point and a very personal one. I have been working towards making my website be 100% automated in its fullfilment for many years now - after I realized about 5 years ago that I needed to simplify my business and life so that I can focus on what really matters again - making ART! 
I think I am about 2 weeks away from being able to share new yoga mats and silk scarves (!!) with you! My goal is May 7 - the next new moon (and also my birthday)! We shall see but I am very determined and very excited. I have 3 new flower mandala designs that are super intense and super fun. After those are up and out I will be getting my flower shirts and other goodies going.. 
Thank you to all who have been shopping and sharing even though I've been pretty quiet. I appreciate you so much!!
PS. This art above is what I consider a collage "sketch" and something I made a few years ago and never shared - and it felt like now was the perfect time. May your horizons be wide and your flowers be blooming!

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