Farewell 11:11

After 20+ years I am grateful and happy to say goodbye - but to what exactly? We stopped making the 11:11 collection items last year when we decided to close our office of 8 years we had going in West LA. Since then I have been shipping the remainder of this collection out of my home office. All these changes have come about from a deep desire to simplify my life, and I knew that shipping from my home would be very temporary, and a way for me to personally say good bye to an era that has been a deeply personal adventure of creativity, endless wake up calls and growth. 
Some of you know my story. The 11:11 brand and product line was born out of a sincere vision to spread joy through inspired imagery. It was also born from a desire to pay my rent - and not by waiting tables. I had to figure out how to have a business as an artist. I have never been fond of or adept at marketing and sales and turns out thats how you grow businesses. Well, I found another way. It wasn't easy and I would not recommend it but I'm still here, in business, after over 20 years! I can hardly believe it but here we are. Never underestimate what you can create with grit, vision, and stubborn determination. 
So what I'm saying goodbye to today is a whole era of my life as an artist and business owner. This move is freeing me up to focus on creating art.  My art prints, yoga mats, bags, cards, and phone cases (!!) will continue to be sold on my site with plans to add more exciting things soon.
I am profoundly grateful. Thank you to everyone who has  continued to support my work - I appreciate you so much.
PS. Check out these website pages from various eras of 11:11 
And check out this ridiculous website. This was created back when you had to hire a website developer. I was so proud of my hand drawn buttons on the left hand side.  
lf you made it this far down check out this video LOL

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