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What is Vibrational Dressing?

This is the cultivation of awareness around clothing and its effect on consciousness. It is the practice of dressing to reveal and enhance the highest expression of you. This looks many different ways. Every culture and individual gets to figure this out for themselves.

How does one dress vibrationally?

This starts with developing a meditation practice that brings your soul into harmony with your intuition, paying attention to how you feel in your clothing, and adjusting and experimenting accordingly ! It's an adventure in seeing yourself and life more clearly. Clothing becomes a palette of self expression from the inside out.

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Why should I do this ?

When you bring your higher self in to alignment with your earth self, all kinds of magic starts to happen. Your clothes are just one way of expressing your self, but an important one. The clothes you wear signal to your Self and to others who you are and what you are here to do. Clothing is one of the most noticeable things about you. It sends a strong signal to you and everyone around you about who you are. Therefore, by becoming conscious of it, we can harness this power to our highest advantage, and have more fun in the process.

Tell me more.

You are a massively powerful expression of consciousness living inside a system you were never really taught about. You have a physical body on a planet of polarities in a gravity well whose default position is negative. Much has been hidden from you. However, we are entering a time where all will be revealed. Reality is much more fascinating, complex and magical than you ever knew.

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What does this have to do with clothing ?

Clothing is one of the most potent and simple things to experiment with in your adventure towards Sovereignty. You have heard the saying - “You are a soul having a human experience, not a human having a soul experience”. This is true and so much more. You are a soul having an experience of 9 other bodies, as well as 8 chakras, 5 tattvas and 3 gunas. You are amazingly complex and radiantly simple. Knowing this, can you imagine how much of a lie you've been sold about yourself and our world? We have been placed in little boxes and its time now to explore the world beyond these four walls. Question everything.

What is Sovereignty?

Sovereignty is the opposite of slavery. Sovereignty is owning every facet of yourself and choosing to live in the higher self. Sovereignty is taking responsibility for every part of your life and activating the positive polarity of every facet through gratitude. To be Sovereign is to be truly free.

Starwater Yoga

What are Sovereign Silks?

You can think of these silks as an outer expression of your own inner Sovereign being. These designs have been created to signal activation to your own higher wisdom self. The symbols, colors, and design point the mind in this direction, and you activate this energy in your field when you wear it. Think of your 8 chakras and 10 bodies as a constantly spinning living energy that's 80% outside your normal awareness. When you wear these pieces you are sending the signal in to your own matrix that you are living in your higher self and this message has a ripple effect out to every person and environment you touch.

Crown Yourself.

The thousand petal lotus at the top of your head gets activated and opens when you raise the kundalini force up the spine. This is your true crown. We wrap the head to help guide and contain this energy. We wrap our entire being with beauty to exalt ourselves.

Starwater Yoga

You Crown Yourself.

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Great work,Ja. Can’t wait for the updated scarf dance from the old days at the Bagatelle. Just sent my first music file to Rio. You are next. Sending Love, D

Richard Tazewell January 14, 2020

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