Realm of Venus

Jamila Starwater - Realm of Venus

New Year 💎 New Art 💎 New Vibe : REALM OF VENUS by @jamilastarwater 💫

Prosperity is a frequency .. Each symbol is like a tuning fork. All the treasures of the universe in abundance.. Gold does not age, does not tarnish, it retains it's purity and shine in all circumstances.. Gems transmit the light of the Sun and their energies correspond to the planets that make up our universe. The path of Venus through the sky makes a perfect 5 pointed star. Camels symbolize the perseverance and stability to keep up. Hummingbirds represent eternal joy.. The Leopard is personal power and discernment...and our Goddess Josephine Baker was an artist, a pioneer, and mother to 12 adopted children..

11 x 17 Archival Prints Available Here

Phone Sceensaver Version - Free Download Here

(on a phone - screenshot + crop image below and save)

Jamila Starwater - Realm of Venus - Phone Screensaver



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