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I decided a while ago that I would share more about my life and health journey with the intention of inspiring and helping others. There is a big part of me that would rather not be seen and just be in my world making art and living my life. I feel that now is a time on planet earth to fully show up so therefore I am intentionally stepping outside the comfort zone! If I can positively impact even one person I have done my job and the rest is up to the heavens to arrange. 

I have a vision to use this blog as a repository of helpful information. This is a website to share and sell my art but why not share about all the things that light me up and make this all even possible. For the past 12 years I have been on a passionate quest to find health, and it's always challenges that send us on passionate quests. My challenges don't matter but what I have discovered matters very much! It turns out there are infinite ways to heal and with healing we can show up fully for our dreams and goals. 

To kick off this new season of sharing I've been doing a number of Instagram lives on my @jamilastarwater page with various inspiring teachers, guides and friends. Currently in the month of April I am doing a talk once a week with my friend and fellow Kundalini Yogi / Artist and EMDR trauma therapist based in Zurich - Nicole Ercolani. Her art and practice is superb and next level. Check her out here. And find us and our Spiritual Nerd chat on IG live Fridays in April 2023 at 9:30 am Pacific time, 6:30 pm Zurich time ( follow me on instagram @jamilastarwater and you will see us go live around that time on the top bar of your app). 

And maybe most exciting of all is joining my husband and partner in crime Jai Gopal on his podcast The One Flow. We have started to do a series called The Kitchen Table where we sit (in our kitchen!) and talk about all kinds of subjects currently on our minds including demon possession, mantra, quantum health and more. We cover a wide ground and with the intention of sharing whats been helpful for us personally.  Find The One Flow podcast on Apple, Spotify and Youtube. We just dropped a new episode on Light Water and Magnetism today here.

Thats all for now. I am so inspired and looking forward to sharing more soon including new art and designs here and on 11:11 !




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