Happy Birthday 11:11

I can hardly fathom that its been 20 years since my brand 11:11 was created but here we are. In preparation for this time I've been doing some deep dives in to old hard drives and email accounts trying to piece together the actual time line - because 2003 was SO LONG AGO. And if you were around then you know it was a very different world.. 

I don't have many photos from this time. In the very beginning I was making really far out hand bags, more on that later. I have no photos of the time I went and set up my little table on Bedford and N 7th next to the L train stop and sold the cardholders and wallets for the first time. I also don't have any screen shots of the very first 11:11 website.. All I have is random digital artifacts and lots of memories.. I'll share some below. 

This grainy photo of myself showing off the first 500 piece order I made for Urban Outfitters in my Brooklyn bedroom. I remember I had gotten an email from the buyer and that was the beginning of pretending like I knew what I was doing ! People think they need permission and training to do business. Thats not true - all you need is a willingness to figure it out. 

This is the sewing machine that I used to sew them all. This machine, along with 5 more identical ones - are still being used to sew our products today! 

Me with some of the collage and painting art on my wall, in that tiny bedroom HQ in 2003. I used to make each 11:11 item by hand myself and all the pieces were one of a kind made from old books, maps, random papers, candy wrappers etc. 

Here is a screenshot of a very early website page - I know its not from the first site but its definitely old! 

I am so grateful to still be in business all these years later and truly more inspired than ever. The times have changed so much and artists have so many tools now to create and share their work.

Stay tuned for lots of new art and creations here and on 11:11. Thank you for reading and being a part of this. Gratitude x infinity. 




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