Starwater Yoga

Flower Mandala Travel + Hot Yoga Mat

$64.00 USD

Our Travel Yoga mats are gorgeous, lightweight and also perfect for hot yoga. They have a microfiber top with a thin rubber base and are machine washable.

Our Flower Mandala design holds the frequency of Prosperity and would make the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one who has the desire to experience more prosperity in their life. Each yoga mat is designed with a specific intention and each element in the mat supports and adds to the energy of the design.

* PROSPERITY // Flower Mandala : original alchemical design by Jamila Starwater Tazewell

* Absorbent and grippy, making this a perfect tool to support every practice

* Pairs with any yoga mat. Durable enough to be used as a stand alone mat, making it an ideal travel accessory

* Yes machine washable!!  We recommend cold washing on a gentle cycle and laying out or hanging to air dry. DO NOT put in the dryer, as this can damage the bond between the top and bottom surfaces

* Each mat weighs only 2 lb and measures 24"x72"x.05"

Read more about the meaning behind this design here

This art is also available as a Yoga Mat here.

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