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DESTINY // Blue Butterfly Mandala Travel + Hot Yoga Mat

$64.00 USD
Create your sacred space and feel empowered on the go. Our lightweight Travel Mats are great for all styles of yoga including hot yoga. These yoga mats have a microfiber top with a thin rubber base and are machine washable.

Feel grounded on the earth while connecting to the heavens. Step in to your souls highest calling. This design holds the frequency of Destiny and would make the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. Each yoga mat is designed with a specific intention and each element in the mat supports and adds to the energy of the design.

Our Destiny design features:

  • Symmetrical alignment for intentional and balanced hand and feet placements
  • Powerful art, intention and symbolism that will inspire and upgrade your energy
  • Symbols with intentional beauty and meaning, view the chart for details
  • A super soft texture that gets grippy with sweat - making it perfect for hot yoga
  • DESTINY // Blue Butterfly: original alchemical design by Jamila Starwater


  • Absorbent and grippy, making this a perfect tool to support every practice including hot yoga
  • Super lightweight - each mat weighs approximately 2 lb and measures 24"x72"x.05"
  • Pairs with any yoga mat; durable enough to be used as a stand alone mat, making it an ideal travel accessory
  • Yes machine washable!! We recommend cold washing on a gentle cycle and laying out or hanging to air dry
  • Do not put in the dryer, as this can damage the bond between the top and bottom surfaces

Read more about the meaning of the design here.
Find our DESTINY // Blue Butterfly Mandala Yoga Mat here

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