Our mats have a smoother surface and are more durable than traditional PVC- or even the squishier, open celled rubber- yoga mats.  These mats are not sticky so they're best suited for nonsweaty, gentler types of yoga.  For a very sweaty practice, we recommend using our TRAVEL YOGA MAT in tandem with our traditional mats.  To clean your mat, we recommend using a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar.  This is a great way to naturally disinfect your mat, as well as a way to restore the rubber's texture and grip.  Try not to leave your mat out in the sun for prolonged exposure as the sun can break down the natural rubber.



Great news!  Your travel mat is machine washable!  We recommend a gentle, cold water wash with a mild detergent.  Wash as often as is necessary, being mindful that the more you machine wash the mat, the faster it may break down.  The same 50/50 water and vinegar solution you use for your yoga mat works wonders as a disinfectant and cleaner for your travel mat. ** DO NOT put your travel mat in the dryer **  The heat from the dryer can cause the bond between the rubber and the microfiber layers to break down prematurely.  Lay your mat flat or on a line to dry.



Our pillows are made from cotton/linen canvas and filled with organic buckwheat hulls, which can be removed via the zipper beneath the handle.  We recommend spot cleaning your pillow for small stains as unfilling the pillows can be a process.  Should you need to put your pillow through the wash, empty the buckwheat out first into an appropriate container- when your pillow is clean, insert a funnel into the zippered opening and pour the buckwheat back in!  The canvas pillow can be washed in the washing machine with gentle detergent on a cold, gentle wash.  Air drying is recommended. We find that customers rarely if ever fully wash their meditation pillows when exclusively used for their specific purpose.


Our yoga pillows have washable covers. Simply open the zipper and remove the lined inner pillow, and machine wash the cotton / linen cover with cold water on the gentle cycle. Low heat or hang dry.

Starwater Yoga

Please use these products in good health and best practices, and at your own discretion.  Yoga and meditation are personal journeys. 
Please consult your physician before embarking on any new exercise regimen.