Mantra Stars Interview Series : Libby Dorot of OSLEE

We love kundalini mantra music and the stories of the artists who create it. So much of what we make is inspired by these sounds, and we feel that the mantras themselves have a life of their own that flows through the artist to touch and uplift all who hear them. It sounds like magic because it is..

We're so excited to kick off this series with the truly magical Libby Dorot of OSLEE with us to share a bit about her beautiful music and the practice that inspires it.

libby dorot / oslee

Tell us a little bit about how you got in to singing mantra music?

We had learned in teacher training that mantra is exponentially more powerful when you listen to it recorded in your own voice. One day I decided, 'Okay I'm going to sit down and make some mantra music, and it doesn't matter whether anybody else ever listens to it, because at the very least these mantras are going to help me.'  Making the music ignited a passion within me and I felt very inspired to create all the songs on my first album, Elevate. Turns out I love those songs, and they are really fun to sing! I felt naturally galvanized to share it and perform it and I've been having a wonderful time so far.

What is your favorite mantra and why?

Chattra Chakkra Vartee is one of my favorites. The mantra instills the frequency of Victory within your very cells; this raises your frequency, and lower frequencies like anxiety and depression cannot remain. It grants you courage and fearlessness and it's also said to relieve you of nightmares.
libby dorot / oslee
Everything is made of sound.. how does it feel to create reality is such a primary way with your art?

It feels magical. When I was a little girl, I'd go into the forest and be a little witch. I loved learning about the mystical meanings of colors, numbers, etc and casting spells. Singing mantras is like that, each mantra has a particular way it alters the fabric of reality. It's very magical. I feel I always have a tool for whatever I'm going through and it feels empowering.

Is there a mantra you have recorded that you feel is particularly helpful for people right now?

Song of Bliss or Triple Mantra. Song of Bliss brings peace, beauty, and joy. People need more joy, especially sensitive people. Triple mantra is protective and will slice through blocks. When I listen to my version, I often feel like taking a moment to appreciate where I've come from, and to recognize that being here, right now is a triumph. By the end of the song I feel like my arms are wide open to God and I'm just surrendering and singing Hallelujah. So it's very helpful to me, in any case!

libby dorot / oslee

Are there any other art forms you practice and what are they?

I also make visual art. I paint, draw, and I love making digital art - editing pictures and creating flyers. I just designed OSLEE t-shirts too and I'm delighted with how they turned out.

What artists and teachers have been inspiring influences on you in your life and work?

Tej has been an unparalleled force of enlightenment. I've also learned a ton from Tashi and Remington and they are very inspiring.

Libby Dorot + Tej Kaur Khalsa
How does your kundalini yoga practice effect your art?

Practicing my Kundalini Yoga meditations daily gives me an ongoing connection to this technology that it is very active and present. When I sit down to make music I already feel a part of this matrix. I also call on a host of divine, lightful beings to bless the music and instill it with high frequencies and light codes. I want it to be as healing and as elevating as possible; I ask for that.

What is your favorite Kundalini Yoga set and meditation ? What do you practice regularly?

I've practiced the Meditation to Command the 5 Tattvas almost since I started doing Kundalini Yoga, it's a staple. Other meditations I'll add and switch out over time. I've been doing Sat Kriya for 9 months. And recently I finished 40 days of Fists of Anger. They have all been magnificently useful and transformational so I am unable to attest to favoring one above all others. I will say, however, there were several years where I chanted Mul Mantra on a mala every day (108 recitations/ day). The mul mantra is known as the destiny changer and the fate killer and that experience was Pro - Found and led to many positive changes in my life. So, special shoutout to you, Mul Mantra.
libby dorot / oslee
If Starwater Yoga mats have supported or inspired your practice, please share in what ways?

My Starwater yoga mat has been with me on my Kundalini Yoga journey almost since the very beginning. It has accompanied me to over 20 White Tantrics, to Teacher Training, and to countless classes and workshops. It's been sweat on and cried upon and laid down on too. My mat has always felt very personal to me, as if it were made for me. I love the bright colors and the print of the plants and flowers because they bring a vibrant energy that is also sweet and grounding.

 Libby was kind enough to allow us to use one of her songs - Mul Mantra - in our new ad series you may have seen on facebook and instagram. If you see it on there -will you like and comment ?! Your grassroots support is everything to us!

libby dorot / oslee  

We highly recommend her album Elevate. It is electronic trance mantra music like you've never heard it before.. totally hypnotic and gorgeous. Find more Libby and Oslee on instagram @oslee_music , soundcloud , itunes, youtube and all streaming platforms.

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Dear Libby:

I was neighbors with your grandparents decades ago before they moved from Silver Spring, Md.
Years later, while living and working in Washington, D.C. I crossed paths with your father.
I recently came across your siite. I find your music very soothing, and a source of healing.
You are extremely gifted and talented.
I believe I have become your newest fan.
May you continue to touch so many lives in such a positive way.
Mary E. Wood

Mary Elstein Wood December 19, 2022

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