Flower Consciousness : A Manifesto and How To Guide

There is a free energy power in flowers we know exists- but maybe we have never consciously acknowledged. All cultures through time have flower lore and rituals. We make flowers a part of our most special times of life and death. We send flowers when our loved ones are celebrating or in need of loving energy. We give flowers when nothing else will do. Why?

Flowers are little torsion fields of energy receiving and emitting the intelligence of nature. Their harmonizing frequency works subtly - giving just the right dose of energy - to change the environment they are in.

Every flower you encounter every where - from the street median strip to the manicured garden - has a special job, and it's always on time, accurate and effective.

There is a language being spoken fluently all around, even if we don't hear it yet.

The flowers are radio telescopes receiving and transmitting the energy from the cosmos. The flowers hold messages and medicine for humans. We receive this in a glance, a sniff and in quiet contemplation. We receive it in a potent way via flower essences. We receive it when we eat flowers and wear them on our bodies. We even receive it when we have photographs and art with flowers in our homes and lives. Even symbols and art depicting flowers connect to this energy. Reality is holographic and intelligent beyond our wildest imagination. The healing wisdom and joy of flowers is one of humanities strongest allies in our evolution as a species.

The best part is that this absolute wealth is available to all, at any time, anywhere there is a flower in any form!

The first step in consciously working with this flower ally energy is realizing it exists! The next step is deciding to tune in to it and use it to benefit your life in all the small and big ways.

Here are some ideas you can try. Some are simple and may already be in your routine. If so, try doing these activities with more awareness and intention and see what unfolds!

1. Stop and Smell the Roses.
This is so easy. When you smell fragrant flowers, in addition to the aromatherapy calming effects to the brain , you are also connecting deeply with the energy field of the flower. There is an intelligence in the flower that wants to help you. Let it!

2. Bring Flowers in to your Home.
If you love flowers chances are this is something you already do. It can not be overstated how powerful it is to have flowers in your living environment. Cut or potted flowers are both equally powerful - just as long as they are alive. Fake flowers are no substitute for the real thing, energetically speaking. Make it a regular ritual to buy flowers for yourself or your loved ones living with you. The flowers are your allies. You can give them jobs to do- similar to how you can work with crystals. The flowers are living energies that want to assist! It can be as easy and simple as associating the particular flower or arrangement with a goal or a prayer. This can be entirely in your own mind without any kind of ritual or fanfare (but feel free to run with that if you feel called!). By simply associating your flowers with the intention or prayer in your own mind, for your self or your loved ones, you are joining with the intelligence of the living being of the flower to co-create that reality. Every time you walk past, glance, or get a whiff of those flowers, you are further harmonizing with that intention. It is very subtle and very powerful.

3. Give Flowers.
Make it a practice to give flowers. To your loved ones, to co-workers, and to strangers. You will multiply the joy of the flowers! What goes around comes around!!

4. Use Flower Essences.
Flower essences are made by imprinting the energy signature of the flower intelligence into water. This water can then be taken internally or applied topically - directly to the skin or sprayed around the aura. All delivery methods are effective. The energies of the flowers have specific qualities that harmonize, balance and heal the electrical and scalar energy meridians of the body. Each flower has a specific job it is most suited for. Every negative mental state you can think of has a specific flower that can balance it out. Visit Lotus Wei for next level flower essences and read about the Twelve Windows of Plant Perception here.

5. Bring Flower Art in to your Life.
This is where my art comes in! I have been working with the energies of flowers in the form of collage art for over 20 years. My favorite way to celebrate and concentrate the energy of flowers in my life is to make and share flower mandalas. These mandalas radiate the healing and harmonizing energy of flowers in a different way than working with the living flowers and flower essences. The 2D image of flowers combined together with the radiant energy format of the mandala creates a potent doorway for the mind. The designs direct the consciousness to the harmonizing intelligence of nature through the power of beauty. My prayer and intention with these designs is that they bring the viewer in to ever deeper states of appreciation for our natural world and the endless abundance of mystery and power each element contains. Every petal reflecting the consciousness of the stars above and filling us with wonder and awe.

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